God's Friends
Joining Authentic Christian Worship and Life Experience
Published by St Gregory Nyssen Episcopal Church

God's Friends Editorial Guidelines

God's Friends welcomes pieces written by people searching for truth in their lives. We are committed to the sharing of authentic personal experience, as opposed to ideas or opinions.

We rarely accept poems, and have so far not found any fiction that meets our purpose.

We are not a "religious" publication. In spite of our name, we do not restrict ourselves to works that refer specifically to God or to works based on Christian or any other religious faith.

Although God's Friends is not primarily a journal about language, we value beauty and clarity in the use of language.

At this time we are unable to pay for any work we publish.

Our Review and Editing Process
All manuscripts are to be submitted in electronic format. The only exceptions to this requirement will be at the discretion of the Editorial Board.

Submissions should be emailed to the Editor, Diana Landau, at editor@godsfriends.org. We respond within three weeks.

The Editorial Board will review each submission to see if it meets our guidelines and if it fits within the theme of an upcoming issue. If so, and we accept a piece for consideration, we will assign an editor to the writer. The editor will work with the writer to prepare the piece for possible publication. This is often a rigorous process that entails multiple rewrites.

Once the editing is complete, the Editorial Board will determine whether or not to publish the work. Our Copy Editor reviews all material before publication, to ensure consistency with our style.

Pieces on Liturgical Practice
In each issue of God's Friends we include one article on some aspect of liturgy or prayer. These articles describe liturgical or prayer practices that invite people to discover God in their experience.

We publish liturgy and prayer practice pieces from St. Gregory's clergy and laity to create a record of the work of St. Gregory's Episcopal Church. We also welcome submissions from writers from any tradition whose work describes liturgical or prayer practices that honor human experience as an opening to God.

Practice pieces must describe a practice clearly and accurately enough to serve a reader who plans liturgy or church music. We ask that these pieces be written in accessible, non-technical language and from a viewpoint that can engage professionals (such as liturgists and church musicians) and non-professionals alike.

Editors for practice pieces work closely with St. Gregory's clergy, who make final decisions for publication.

For each issue we choose art that is appropriate to the articles to be published.

Artwork can be submitted via slides, electronic files, or scannable flat art.

Artwork is reproduced in duotone. Therefore we may not be able to use art that either has insufficient contrast or that depends strongly on color contrast for its effectiveness.

Our Art Editor, Tish Momirov, selects all art used in God's Friends. For more information, contact her at tmomirov@yahoo.com.

Diana Landau