God's Friends
Joining Authentic Christian Worship and Life Experience
Published by St Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church

Volume 13 Number 1 § Eastertide § April 2002

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About this issue
Editor Clancy Drake introduces this issue's theme of encountering our enemies.
Journey to Jerusalem
Thirty religious leaders including Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims meet in Jerusalem: a photo essay by David Sanger with text by Bishop Bill Swing.
Praying for Our Enemies
Rick Fabian on why churches must pray for their opponents, and pray aloud.
Jesus and the Centurion: A Navy Chaplain's Story
Dave Hurlbert interviews Episcopal Navy chaplain Mark Spaulding.
Allah Akbar
On the Friday after September 11, Jacob Slichter visits a New York mosque.
Warrior for Peace
Maria Schell practices Aikido off the mat.
Editor's Note
Tracy Haughton passes the torch to new editor Clancy Drake.
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