Editor’s Note

Dear Friends,

When a group of us began God’s Friends seven years ago, we wanted to share the vision that guides St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church: We meet God in all our life experience, its great sorrows and its giddy pleasures, and the steady pull of simple labor—sometimes hard, sometimes repetitive— required for our daily survival. In all these moments God calls us into intimate friendship. As our rector, Donald Schell, tells us: “From our finite beginnings we embark on an infinite journey into the depths of God’s own self.” It is in listening to our experience, in our individual practice and in our corporate worship, that we will discover how and where God is calling us forward.

With every issue we publish, I still feel a thrill knowing our writers and readers are going to discover something together, something that may open them to the power of God at work in their own lives.

During my years as Editor of God’s Friends, my husband and I welcomed a third daughter into our family and our older two girls grew into adolescents. Our family life has become a wildly wonderful whirlwind of activity, conversation, learning, and teaching. I find myself with less and less time to devote to God’s Friends and I have decided to pass on the role of Editor.

Clancy Drake is an accomplished book editor who has worked in London and San Francisco. She has agreed to become our new Editor. She brings not only her professional expertise to the task, but also her perspective as someone in her 30s, about to be married—and helps us fulfill our mission as a magazine and a church to join the voice of the next generation with older voices.

I will continue to be a member of the magazine’s Editorial Board and look forward to many more years of joining with you in listening for and presenting fresh accounts of God at work in our experience.

With love,
Tracy Haughton

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