About The Featured Art

Just as sacred spaces come to life when inhabited by many folk, multiple artists and media bring visual life to this issue: several photographers, two architects, and two artists are represented. The photographs in the article by Richard Giles are from a collection furnished by the Philadelphia Cathedral. Richard Giles (its dean) created the line drawings for an online article about the cathedral building; see www.philadelphiacathedral.org. Photographs by David Sanger, a photojournalist and frequent contributor to God’s Friends, accompany Donald Schell’s article. More of David’s work can be seen on his website, www.davidsanger.com. A rendering by Matthew Joseph Kramer, the architect for the redesigned Christ the King Church in Lansing, Illinois, accompanies the article by Randall Warren. The informal line drawings of church interiors, as well as the processional map in Karen Fraioli's article, are by San Francisco artist Jeannie Pettigrew.We asked Jeannie to interpret an assortment of CAD drawings and others graphics in a loose, hand-drawn style we referred to as “napkin sketches”—meant to capture the way we share experiences of place with others, for example, over a cup of coffee. Jeannie recently earned her MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute; her work can be seen at www.jeanniepettigrew.com.

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