Sandra Bowden

Sandra Bowden lives in Chatham, Massachusetts, and exhibits throughout the country. She has been president of Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) from its inception, and says "My life has been dramatically impacted by the example of other Christian artists. The depth and insights of other mature thinkers, writers, and friends has added in innumerable ways to my growth and development." Bowden's art is a complex meditation on time, incorporating biblical and archaeological references, elements of language and text, inscribed artifacts, pages from antique Bibles, and musical scores and facsimiles. Long fascinated by "word as image," she finds a source of mystery and personal iconography in the evolution of words and ideas made visible, recorded and presented historically in various ways. The result has been several series exploring and celebrating the gift of word. "This thing we call language has afforded us the opportunity to share the mind of another person across barriers of time and place."

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By the Word of the Lord Were the Heavens Made, 1980, by Sandra Bowden. Collagraph with embossing, 7.75" x 21".

Do This in Remembrance of Me, 1980. By Sandra Bowden. Collagraph mixed media, 16" x 24". Collection Vatican Museum of Contemporary Religious Art.

Tel Megiddo, 1983. By Sandra Bowden. Collagraph, 30" x 22".

Illuminations III, 1990. By Sandra Bowden. Acrylic mixed media, 10" x 10". "This piece contains allusions to illumination as one of many ways of recording the Word, but it also suggests stone surfaces."

Seven Last Words, 1990, by Sandra Bowden. Collagraph mixed media, 20" x 20".

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