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Volume 16 Number 1 November 2004

Visual Art as Incarnation

Issue Editor:
Dave Hurlbert
Journal Editor:
Diana Landau
Article Editors:
Sarah Arndt
Laurie Glover
Dave Hurlbert
Copy Editor:
Tom Devine
Linda Herman
Art Editors:
Suzanne Fowler Palmer
Damon Styer
Editorial Board:
Laurie Glover
Tracy Haughton
Dave Hurlbert
Diana Landau
Margaret Lukens
Suzanne Fowler Palmer
Donald Schell
Damon Styer
Malcolm Young
Daniel Simons (Program Director, All Saints Company)
Jack Trainor
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God's Friends
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500 DeHaro Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Email: editor@godsfriends.org
Phone: 415-255-8100
Fax: 415-255-8120

Gregory of Nyssa, a fourth-century bishop, theologian, and patron of St. Gregory's Church, saw life as unending progress towards discovering God at work among humanity, and sin as refusal to keep growing in this discovery. In this journal, which takes its name from his writings, we aim to further Gregory's vision by featuring two kinds of work:

• essays on liturgy and church practice, focusing on fresh and ancient approaches to corporate worship that honor human experience as an opening to God;

• writing and art by people who are searching for truth in their lives.

We are committed to the sharing of authentic personal experience as opposed to ideas or opinions. We welcome the voices of Christians, people of other faiths, and people of no particular faith.

God's Friends is published three times yearly by St. Gregory's Episcopal Church. Articles from past issues of God's Friends are posted on our website: www.godsfriends.org. Certain articles appear exclusively on the website.

Future Issues
Forthcoming issues will focus on
• Drawing Youth to the Table
• Money and Stewardship
• Recovery

Writers interested in contributing may obtain our editorial guidelines at www.godsfriends.org or by contacting God's Friends. (See contact information on this page.)

We want to hear from you
We welcome your comments to God's Friends and publish letters whenever possible. Please contact us by mail, telephone, or email.

To receive the print edition of God's Friends, please send your check for $15 and mailing information to the address at right. Or you can order subscriptions online at our website: www.godsfriends.org print-subscription.html. Online subscriptions are free of charge; just to go www.godsfriends.org to add your name (or those of friends, family, or colleagues) to our list. You will receive an email notice when each issue is available online. Donations to support our work are always welcome.

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