About This Issue

by Dave Hurlbert

In this time of massive human suffering through wars and continued acts of terrorism, it seems curious that so much attention has been focused upon issues of sexual identity. In our churches, our statehouses, and our courtrooms, we have been spending vast amounts of time debating the morality of sexual relations, in particular of gay relationships.

God's Friends has invited four noted thinkers and writers to explore the topic of sexuality in relation to spiritual life and practice. Joan Roughgarden, a professor of evolutionary biology at Stanford University, talks about sexuality in scripture as viewed through the lens of science. Juan Oliver, director of the Mercer School of Theology in New York, explores what it is we do as a church when we offer a blessing for same-sex couples. Author Jacob Slichter recounts his experiences trying to reconcile his deeply rooted Christianity with his sexual life as a single man. And in an interview, author and Roman Catholic priest James Alison talks about not talking about sexuality in Egypt, Great Britain, and America.

In the end, talking about these things is the only way to move forward in reconciling the sharp differences among members of our Anglican Communion and in society at large. We have very good conversations going on in these pages, and I hope you'll enjoy listening in.

Dave Hurlbert, Issue Editor

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