Letters to God's Friends

Our last issue, "Visual Arts as Incarnation," prompted quite a few new subscriptions as well as comments from readers. Their letters (and a few about earlier issues) are excerpted here. We're grateful for the feedback and for tips about other resources, and we hope to hear from more of you. -Ed.

Dear Friends, Thank you so very much for sending me the November 2004 issue of God's Friends. I am an artist, and I really was so encouraged as I read through it. I was impressed with the artwork and the articles. In fact I think the artwork was stronger because of the articles. I especially enjoyed [Olivia] Kuser's article and was challenged by the "conversation" article. Thank you, thank you.
Emily Frost
Bolivar, Missouri

We like it that Ms. Frost recognized that the words played a supporting role to the art in this issue-usually it's the other way around!

Thank you for the beautiful issue-the effort to present a relevant word from the visual arts is met with my gratitude and hope! I'm still grieving the departure of Christianity & the Arts. Image has been a welcome presence. What you presented in a few pages is exceptional and admirable … (and important!) Rachelle Oppenhuizen
Holland, Michigan

Dear Editor, Am enjoying the recent issue on Sacred Spaces [August 2004]. Since I'm in Philadelphia, I've experienced the new Cathedral; actually it was still in progress when I arrived. … [I]n the context of revising a typically gothic building, it's a stunning space. Anyway, as serendity would have it, the day after God's Friends arrived, the latest issue of Science & Theology News also arrived, and there's a fascinating related article re sacred space. Apparently, the Architects Institute of America has been holding workshops exploring architecture and neuroscience. As the article puts it: "the connection between design and devotion is under study by a group of clerics, neuroscientists and architects who are trying to understand how the mind reacts to the sensations of entering a house of worship." There is also an affiliate named the Academy of Neuroscience and Architecture. …The website is: www.stnews.org; editorial office, info@stnews.org.> Hank Galganowicz
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hi, I read a story in your magazine in which a song or hymn called "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" was mentioned. I've only heard this song performed by Nirvana and I would really like to know the original Christian lyrics. I've searched the Internet for it but I can't seem to find it. You wouldn't by any chance know them? The story was "I sing a song of the saints of God" by Dave Hurlbert from November 2003. Per [last name withheld by request]
via e-mail from Sweden

Author Dave Hurlbert was surprised to learn of the Nirvana connection and happy to share the words to his Southern Baptist childhood favorite.

Dear Editor, The inspiring vision of the Gospel-at-work that is being lived out at St. Gregory's gives me hope that the church can change to better incarnate the work and mission of Christ! As a seminary student at the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas, I am currently writing a research paper on re-envisioning preparation for baptism and table fellowship. After viewing a film of St. Gregory's liturgy in one of my classes, I wanted to know more about the theology supporting it. In an article entitled "The Font Outside Our Walls," I found a reference to an article by Rick Fabian entitled "Patterning the Sacraments after Christ" from God's Friends, March 1, 1995. As the magazine index [on God's Friends website] does not extend that far back, could you help me find that article? Thanks and blessings,
Hilary Martin
Austin, Texas

It's good to know that articles from a decade ago are still reverberating. Thanks, Hilary.

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